What to Expect

We are often asked if there is anything that you, the customer, can do before your appointment time arrives.  We pride ourselves in being as clean and respectful of your property as possible.  We will bring our own clean cloths, runners, shoe covers and plastic as necessary for the job.  Please help us by considering the the following actions:

  • Please have the area around fireplace/stove clear of any fragile or valuable items.
  • Please have a clear path for the technician(s) from the doorway to the fireplace/stove.
  • Please do not use your fireplace or stove the day before our visit so it has ample time to cool down and so the technicians can safely and thoroughly perform their services..
  • If you would like to remove the ashes/coals the morning of your appointment, this will help with the cool down of your fireplace or stove.

Your technician will be trained by the National Fireplace Institute and be knowledgeable, friendly, and will gladly answer your questions.  Your technician will perform a 7 point inspection of your chimney system per NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Level 1 inspection guidelines. This includes accessible portions of Firebox, Damper, Flue, Exterior Structure, Flashing, Crown and Cap. Your technician will evaluate your system as a whole and provide you with a written report and discuss your options for repair or improvement as needed.

We try to save our customers time by offering additional services that our techs are trained for and can perform at the same time as your annual chimney service to save you the trouble of calling a handyman.

Here are a few other services we offer:

  • Dryer Vents – we can service, replace and inspect most dryer venting systems.  Our techs are trained in dryer venting requirements and the IRC standards for them.
  • Additional unused fireplaces or stoves – we can inspect any additional wood, gas or pellet burning fireplaces or heating appliances.
  • Furnace Flue / Water Heater Flue – many times gas furnaces or hot water heaters will vent through the chimney.  If any liners or venting repairs need to be done, we can perform those repairs as well.
  • Gutters

Your technician will go over his findings with you and leave you with a detailed report. Your technician may have photos or videos of your chimney, please let him know if you would like those sent to an email address.