Chimney And Dryer Vent Project

Having your chimney cleaned is the #1 way to reduce the chance of chimney fire.

About this Project

Chimney cleaning and Dryer Vent cleaning is the core of our business and where we started. The following photos are of some chimneys we’ve seen – some bad, some worse – and will hopefully help you see the importance of having your annual chimney service performed!
Dryer vent cleaning before and after image

Dirty Damper/Smoke Chamber

Here is a masonry fireplace damper before sweeping – very clogged! This amount of buildup isn’t an everyday occurrence, but it is fairly common.


After sweeping! This one required an advanced mechanical sweeping with some abrasive cable.
Dryer vent cleaning before and after image


Did you know that there are more dryer vent lint fires than chimney fires every year in the US? Many times these venting systems are not put together correctly and cannot contain lint or fire.


This is what a chimney flue looks like following a chimney fire. Thankfully, all of the creosote in this flue did not catch on fire.

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