Olympia Chimney Supply Facility Tour

Olympia Chimney Supply Facility Tour

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Olympia Chimney Supply Facility Tour

Olympia Chimney Supply Facility Tour: Class A Chimney from a “Class A” Company

When selecting a heating appliance to meet the needs of our customers, just as much consideration should be given to appropriate chimney lining and pipe. Southern Chimney and Fireplace exclusively uses Olympia Chimney products with our installations. We are 100% confident that they are simply the best on the market.

Olympia’s Hybrid liners are crafted from a durable stainless alloy. Tight, corrugated seams diminish creosote buildup and withstand regular cleanings. Chimney liners are pre-insulated to help the chimney flue heat quickly and establish an adequate draft. Like the chimney liner, Olympia’s Ventis chimney pipe is UL listed, made in America, and is superior to any chimney pipe found in big box stores.

Recently, Olympia Chimney Supply invited us on a tour of their operational headquarters in Scranton, Pennsylvania. We had a great time touring the entire facility and watching the steps that take place from the time an order is received until the package leaves the warehouse. The time and and attentiveness to detail spent making these products is incredible.

Olympia is a company that stands behind their employees and their products. Because of their determination to exceed expectations in the chimney industry, we can also stand behind the products that we deliver to our customers.