Chimney Inspections

Chimney Inspections are very important to us and our customers.  Like a doctor performing an x-ray, they allow us to diagnose the chimney system and determine if there is any damage or other issues that need to be addressed.  A basic chimney inspection will usually give us the needed information to determine what the best course of action to take is, but sometimes a more in-depth inspection is required using cameras and accessing difficult areas of the house.

About this Project

Using the training they have received, our techs will be able to give you a much more detailed report on the condition of the system than a general home inspection.  All of our inspection reports and photos taken can be sent to you following the inspection.

Enjoy these photos taken during some of our inspections!


Sometimes a visual inspection of a chimney flue doesn’t reveal all of the issues. Having your flue scanned with a camera system allows us to investigate all of the nooks and crannies of the system and check for potential cracks, improper construction or leaks


This is entirely un-chimney related, but it’s the kind of thing that our techs notice while they are on the roof and can fix for you to save you the trouble of calling a roofer.


Whoever built this didn’t quite get things lined up…


We make an attempt to get our techs on every roof using safety gear and ladder systems to catch things like this stone damage. This severe damage went unnoticed for 9 months!


Our techs will gladly inspect your firewood during your chimney service, inspection or repair and let you know if it is stored properly, dry enough to burn and cut to the ideal size.


These endangered birds discovered during an inspection love to take up residence in chimneys and can be very loud! Chimney Swifts and other critters can be kept outside once we have inspected the system and can determine the source of the openings.


Here is one of our techs Russell investigating a problem inside of a small chimney chase. Looks like fun!

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